In-depth information on the Amazon region

Ecuador is one of the smallest Amazonian countries, with a size comparable to the state of Colorado (USA), which is 0.17 % of the planet. However, with its 9.2 species per square kilometer, Ecuador is the most biological diverse country per square unit. For example, Ecuador has more than 1,616 species of birds (17.9% of the world's); whereas in the entire United States , there are less than 700 species of birds.

Since the town of Coca (Francisco de Orellana) was founded in the 1960s, 15% of Ecuador's tropical forest has been destroyed due to oil exploration, road building, and other human activities from these exploitive industries.

The alarming rate of habitat destruction of this rich and fragile ecosystem affects not only the wildlife that depends on the rainforest habitat, but also indigenous peoples.



Threat of Extinction of Indigenous Groups

More than twenty indigenous groups in the Ecuadorian Amazon region became extinct in the last century. It is now home to ten indigenous groups: the Siona, Cofan, Secoya, Quichua, Huaorani, Shuar, Achuar, Zapara, Shiwiar, and Andoa. The Zapara and Andoa are barely surviving because of ethnocide practiced by rubber developers, diseases brought by outsiders, and by the extractive oil industry.


Endangered Monkeys

This project addresses an immediate and critical concern: the fate of endangered peoples. It is also focuses on saving seven species of monkey, which are considered to be “extremely endangered”.

The Pigmy Marmoset (Spanish: leoncillo), the Dusky Titi Monkey (cotoncillo), the Golden-mantled Tamarin (tamarino de manto dorado), the Woolly Monkey (chorongo), the Spider Monkey (mano arena), the Black Mantle Tamarin (bebe leche), and the Squirrel Monkey (mano ardilla) are considered by experts to be the most affected and the most vulnerable to de-forestation and illegal trafficking. 

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