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The Foundation Sumak Allpa is a non-profit organization based in Coca, Orellana Province in Ecuador. It was started in 2000 with a mission to preserve, protect, and enhance the culture, wildlife, and jungle eco-system of this environmentally and culturally rich and diverse region. Its title means “Land of not pain.” The organization's director is Hector Vargas Duche, who works as project director. Initially the organization was approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture on March 17, 2000, and changed in to the Welfare Ministry in June, 2010.

Sumak Allpa has a proven track record having created educational programs and linguistic centers with and for the Conambo, Torimbo, Balsura, and Zapara communities. In 2004, the organization initiated a “Conambo” palm seedling planting and education program with adults and children from the Siona people (who live in the Sotasiaya village and are directly affected by the oil explorations and drillings, de-forestation, and loss of their territory.). Sumak Allpa realized that these people could regain a part of their heritage by growing and using local products. Approximately 1,200 Conambo palms have been planted so far. It takes several growing seasons before the palms can be used in housing construction.

In another initiative, Sumak Allpa began in 2010 to develop environmental education programs, reforestation programs and scientific studies about diet, mobility, and interaction of the different primates species studied on our program.



Andoa People National Gathering

Another key project objective of Sumak Allpa is to strengthen the ability of indigenous Amazonian tribes to preserve their heritage, way of life, and environment by healing divisions within indigenous tribes and by helping them derive economic value from their native lands. Specifically, Sumak Allpa wants to host the first national gathering of relatives and friends of the Andoa people, an endangered tribe which was separated for the past 65 years – ever since the war between Ecuador and Peru in 1941.

Key Project Personnel

Project Director : Hector Vargas is a founding member of Sumak Allpa. He grew up in this region and has more than 25 years experience working as a rainforest guide in the Ecuadorian Amazon. He speaks fluent English, Spanish, Quichua, Huaorani, and French. Hector is responsible for the projects' success and day to day organization.

Project Consultant : Medardo Tapia Roman. He is an engineer who works for and manages the Centro de Recursos Tecnológicos Fátima.

Legal Representative and Advisor : Hector Vargas Duche. He is director organization. He is an anthropologist, published some books about indigenous people, and leads education and conservation programs in the amazon region.


I.P.P.L. International Primates Protection League http://www.ippl.org/ )

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