Endangered Peoples

One of the project's main objectives is to educate indigenous people, during five years elementary school was supported by the foundation now days Sumak Allpa elementary school, has been relocated on "Loma del Tigre" community. The school curriculum emphasizes environmental and cultural education.

Specifically, the curriculum includes:

  • re-forestation
  • saving endangered species
  • indigenous traditions
  • language & heritage.


Through this education, these children and their families are becoming more knowledgeable about their own culture, traditions - and the importance of their homeland to the world's environment and health.

Through their direct participation in this project, the children and their families are learning about ways to protect endangered species as well as to manage and derive economic value from their homelands.

To day, 30 children from various families have access to education, and involve in conservation programs.



Monitoring and Success Indicators

Success will be measured by the number of boys and girls who attend school for one year; the number of children who apply their learning to an environmental/cultural education projects such as reforestation of homelands, restoration of oral traditions, fluency in indigenous languages, use of traditional designs in paintings, successful breeding of currently endangered primates, and/or knowledge and use of ethno-medicines.

In 2010, success arrived as the Ministry of Education decided to fund the teacher's position.

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